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Team-Building Workshops

Sandra’s Team-Building Workshops are uniquely tailored to build trust, healthy conflict resolution, bonding, commitment, and accountability within leadership teams.    

Sandra carefully examines each team’s individual needs and objectives and designs these workshops to create an impactful experience and offer practical-proven tools to support a team in creating incredibly successful results.


"Where to start!? I was looking for a creative, fun, and inspiring offsite for a team coming together from across the globe and was connected to Sandra. To this day, we still talk about the afternoon spent together and with her. 

She brought a level of care and thoughtfulness to our workshop that allowed us to have a safe space with teammates but also push us outside of our comfort zones. She made it personal for each person in the room by understanding and aligning to our goals and hopes upfront. 

If you're looking for a team outing, whether in the corporate world or otherwise, I highly recommend spending time understanding what Sandra can do for you. It's one of the few offsites I've left feeling energized and not drained, and I can't wait to work with her again."

Danielle Hobson
Senior Industry Marketing Leader

"Sandra conducted a team building training for our newly formed Executive team. Her ability to read the room is remarkable. Within minutes of commencing the training, she had every member engaged and excited. Even those who were apprehensive at first were sharing stories and ideas eagerly. When the training was over, our team stated they felt peaceful, united and inspired. It was an incredible kickoff to our week, fostering closer relationships and open communication within our fully remote team. I recommend Sandra with 100% confidence and I am looking forward to having her work with our team again next year!!"


Pablo Maida


"Sandra facilitated a truly stellar learning experience for a full day during our last team retreat. She artfully crafted the arch to start the day meeting us where we were at and allowing us to create a safe space. The opening exercise set the stage for the rest of the day where everyone in our group shared profound insights. We tackled personal challenges and group dynamics thanks to the impeccable support of Sandra. She knew when to give us space to talk, and when to jump in and redirect. 

As an educator and leader of adult learning, I have a very high bar of excellence when attending other group experiences. Sandra did a phenomenal job and I would highly recommend her for individual or group coaching."

Michelle Abbs
Tech Community Builder

"Sandra came highly recommended and still exceeded expectations! All I can say WOW, what a great experience. Our group of seven entrepreneurs held our first offsite retreat with the aim of getting closer and growing as a collective. Sandra didn't just facilitate a fantastic day; she transformed us. The exercises she facilitated were eye and heart opening, and we loved the yoga, breath work and even ice plunges too! I still think of the exercises she lead us through that day and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking growth and connection in a safe, respectful environment. Sharing intense emotions felt natural and trusting with Sandra, and our group couldn't be more grateful for the invaluable time spent with her. - Thank you Sandra!"

Andy Amendola
Author & Marketing Director

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