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The Raway Process

The Raway Process is a coaching program created from 15+ years of experience in private practice, designed to accompany you on the path to re-discovering yourself at your highest potential. We use current emotions, circumstances, and ways of being to heal and map out your ideal life. Clients experience a profound transformation in 6 months and are reconnected with their capacity to observe and enjoy life, as well as accomplish authentic success in all areas (financial, emotional, mental, professional, relational).  

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Areas of Focus

Life transitions
Loss and grieving
Relationship struggles
Lack of motivation or direction
Finding purpose



Sandplay is a transformative tool that helps reveal information hidden in our subconscious minds, bringing awareness of obstacles and limitations to our growth & success. By manipulating objects in the sand, we rewire our minds, shift beliefs, and gain clarity to turn limitations into actionable steps.


Who have I become?

In this first phase of the program, we start by identifying and removing current distractions that keep us operating on auto-pilot.  We then begin recognizing patterns of unwanted behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, and/or reactions and find their source. We discover adopted relationship dynamics that need updating in order to better relate to ourselves and the people in our ecosystem. We gain awareness of our triggers and reactive patterns and use them as information for growth and evolution. We learn to feel and label emotions as a guide to reveal and heal past wounds. We do shadow work, inner child integration, and other techniques to change our subconscious beliefs and perceptions of past traumatic events or learned ways.

We use proven tools to transform unwanted emotions into expansive ones, limiting beliefs into empowering ones, and unwanted behaviors into purposeful actions.


Image by Maxwell Ingham
Image by Ruth Paradis


Who am I, really?

As we continue to shed limiting beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes, we embark on the phase of authentic self-discovery.  Who am I when I am free of wounds and patterns? In this phase, we practice curiosity and non-judgment to reveal all the unique qualities, talents, and skills we have.  In this phase we discover new anchors to stay centered, new interests that are more aligned with our purpose, and lighter ways of living.  As new pathways are revealed, we regain our conscious choice to enjoy our life more every day, do what we love, and love what we do. 

Phase 2 offers a series of tools, practices, rituals, and guided visualizations for permanent self-discovery, awareness, expansion, and appreciation of our life.  



What do I want?

The third and final phase of The Raway Program consists of creating the life that we want from the clarity of who we are and why we are here.  The program offers tools, guided visualizations, and best practices to tap into our innate creative power and the guidance & support to commit to embark on paths of success in all areas.

In this final phase, clients can review processes of self-healing and practice the use of learned tools to successfully navigate through conflict, triggers, and challenges.  


Image by Calvin Mano


Mastery of the Raway

Once clients have successfully accomplished The Raway Coaching Program, they are ready to become part of our MasterMinds Community, where they share experiences and tools with like-minded individuals.  In these MasterMinds, led by Sandra, we meet virtually once a month, sharing a space of vulnerability, trust, and expansion, where we give and receive support and empowerment to continue to co-elevate.

“Sandra's presence in my journey goes far beyond the role of a coach; she is a healer, an empath, and a compassionate soul who has touched my heart in profound ways. Her professionalism, wisdom, and vast array of tools and knowledge make her an extraordinary guide on the path of self-discovery and personal growth.
In my Deep Dive with Sandra, I embarked on a humbling voyage of self-discovery. It was a journey that went deep into the core of my being, uncovering layers of my true desires, exposing the patterns that were holding me back, and shedding light on the obstacles that were preventing me from reaching my goals. Sandra's skillful guidance helped me discern between genuine roadblocks and mere distractions, allowing me to gain invaluable clarity.
What sets Sandra apart is not just her expertise, but her genuine warmth and compassion. From the moment our session began, she created a safe and nurturing space where I felt completely seen and heard. Her open heart and unwavering support enveloped me, providing the perfect environment for deep introspection and personal growth. Sandra's empathetic nature and profound understanding allowed me to explore the depths of my emotions, fears, and dreams, paving the way for healing and powerful breakthroughs.
If you are seeking a truly personal and transformative journey, I wholeheartedly recommend Sandra Orellana. Her unique blend of coaching, healing, and empathy creates a sacred space for self-discovery and personal empowerment. Sandra has not only been a coach to me, but a trusted confidante and a guiding light. Thank you, Sandra, for your unwavering support, your immense wisdom, and your genuine care. You have touched my life in ways I will forever be grateful for."
Jennifer Cruz

“My work with Sandra resulted in a deeper transformation than I ever could have imagined. In concluding her program, I was in a position to show up as a better leader; not only for my business, but in my life overall. I obtained tools to handle situations I’m continuously faced with in a different way, and the ability to navigate daily life from a place of raw authenticity. I have already seen the return on my investment, in terms of both time and money. If you have the chance to work with Sandra, TAKE IT. I leave every conversation with her better and more empowered than I entered it and I am eternally grateful for her work in the world.”

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