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Behind every successful woman is a tribe of successful women supporting and celebrating her.

FloreSer is a MasterMind created by Sandra Orellana, based in Miami, intended to co-create a  space for women looking to grow their businesses and improve their mental and emotional well-being.

FloreSer consists of monthly forums of 4 hours, moderated by Sandra, where we learn and follow protocols that allow us to express and support ourselves with curiosity and without judgment, share successful experiences among women entrepreneurs, and learn dynamics to strengthen all relationships in our lives, especially the one with ourselves.


In each monthly forum, all participants have the opportunity to express their current challenges and achievements, and the two most urgent challenges in the group are presented and discussed in order to receive the necessary feedback to solve them.  


Each forum is designed for 8 like-minded women entrepreneurs, committed to their personal and professional growth, who assume various roles in their lives, such as: businesswoman, mother, wife, daughter, friend, sister, leader, etc. and seek a harmonious balance between all roles.    


We create an intimate and privileged community to celebrate our achievements and contain and support our professional and personal challenges.  

FloreSer is the fertile soil to BE and FLOURISH together.  It is a safe space that cultivates trust and vulnerability through proven dynamics and protocols.  

Apply below if you are interested in joining FloreSer.

The Raway Masterminds

Once clients have successfully accomplished The Raway Program, they are ready to become part of our MasterMinds Community, where they share experiences and tools with like-minded individuals.  In these MasterMinds, led by Sandra, we meet virtually once a month, sharing a space of vulnerability, trust, and expansion, where we give and receive support and empowerment to continue to co-elevate.

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