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About Sandra

Sandra Orellana is an author, transformative coach, and public speaker.  Her life’s story begins with an eleven-year battle with herself. Stuck in the gap between others’ expectations and her own, she repeated a pattern of running away from herself that resulted in self-doubt, inauthentic choices, stress, and health issues.

Out of that exhaustion came a realization: “I just want to be free.” Through her deeply personal process of self-acceptance and healing, Sandra was laying the foundation for what would become The Real Authentic Way - or The RaWay.

“Understanding that my greatest challenge became my truest purpose was key in revealing the path of service and devotion to learn and facilitate tools to support others in their healing processes.”  

Sandra brings her personal experience, her education in psychology, social work, and alternative healing modalities, and her experience of 15+ years of private practice to live a life on purpose.  

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